3Racing Advance S64 Chassis Kit

H2 Racing Development

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Our latest chassis kit for 3Racing Advance S64.

This new chassis board, not only change from FRP to CF (As usual, Torayca CF), in 2.5mm, also with some new features which the original don't have . Chassis have holes for our additional twist control block (Not included in kit), holes for ARS install, holes for weight block and additional holes for shorty batteries. Servo mount have move a little bit backward for better center gravity. New 2.0mm deck equipped holes for twist control (Not included in kit).

As we have some tiny change also the lower bulkhead position, in can't compatible with original chassis or deck, you have to our conversion chassis and deck together.

- Made with Japan Torayca CF
- 2.5MM chassis
- 2.0MM deck

Chassis twist control stiffener block

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