ISDT C4 Air Battery Charger


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C4 Air

Cylindrical Battery Smart Charger

4A quick charging|APP connection
Independent 6 slots|For more battery types

Charge quicker,
horizontally or vertically.
The original 6-slot position design brings two vertical slots and four horizontal slots.
These 6 slots work “truly independently”, do not charge by turns or time-sharing,
while the maximum charging current is as high as 4A vertically and 2A horizontally.

Big, small, various of batteries.
There are 6 slots, horizontal and vertical,
compatible with various battery models.
Horizontally you can charge 4 AA or AAA batteries at once,
and the maximum size of the vertical slot supports up to 26700.

*Supported battery types:

Keep eyes on your charging.
The ingenious design of the APP instead of the display.
Enjoying a bigger view and a smoother touch after wirelessly connect C4 Air with APP,
which is full of ease and cool.

USB Type-C, charge anywhere.
Universal USB-C input port,
supports QC/PD fast charging protocol,
you can plug and charge with the adapter at hand.
With a maximum input of 40W,
computers and power banks can also act as power sources.

OTA upgrade, never stop growing.
OTA upgrade anytime, anywhere, always maintain the best performance of the machine.

Model: C4 Air
Maximum input power: 40W
Number of batteries each charge: 1~4 Cylindrical battery
Supported battery size: AAA,AA,10440,10500,
*The maximum size of the horizontal battery slot is 51mm, the maximum size of the vertical battery slot is 72mm.
Supported battery types: NiMH, NiZn, LiLon, LiFe, LiHv
Operating voltage range: 5~12V(Compatible with QC、PD protocols)
Charging current range: 0.1~2.0A(horizontal),0.1~4.0A(vertical)
Operating temperature: 0~40℃
size: 106x73x29mm
weight: 115g