ISDT P20 charger


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Input voltage      DC 10~34V
Output voltage      DC 1~34V
Max. input current      35A
Charging current      0.2~20.0A x2
Max. charging power      500W x2
Balance current      1.5A/Cell Max
Discharging current      0.2~1.5A x2
Max. discharging power      15W x2
Abnormal voltage alarm      Support
Incorrect cell count setting alarm      Support
Supported battery types and cell count      LiFe, LiIon, LiPo 1-8S ; LiHv 1-7S ;
Pb 1-12S ; NiMH/Cd 1-16S
Parallel charging power and current      800W/35A
Parallel discharge power and current      30W/3A
Working temperature      0~40℃
Storage temperature      -20℃~60℃
Dimension      105x105x47mm
Weight      About 350g

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