Mcdodo Smart Series Auto Power Off Cable


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No more over charge your transmitter battery, introducing Mcdodo Smart Series cable with auto power off function.

Most of the USB charger or cable, it wouldn't stop charging when your transmitter battery full, as it don't have such function. It leading your battery over charge and expand, shorten your battery life. 

Mcdodo Smart Series cable equipped with a patent auto power-off IC, and will stop charging well the battery is full, ensure it will not over charge.

It also equipped with a LED indicator, to let you know your battery is ready to go.

- Support QC4.0/3.0
- Support power Max. 20W
- With 2 colors LED indicator(blue/red)
- Recharge after 2 hours
- With patent auto power-off IC, stop charging automatically

USB C version suitable for:
Futaba 16iZ
Radiomaster TX16S
Radiomaster TX12
Radiomaster T8Pro

MicroUSB version suitable for:
Sanwa M17
Sanwa MT44
Futaba 32MZ
Flysky NB4
Flysky PL18
Flysky PL18EV

Not recommend for ISDT USB charger series as it will affect the charging function.