Radiomaster AG01 Mini CNC hall gimbals


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For the long-awaited AG01 Mini is finally here! Custom designed for the RadioMaster Zorro and TX12, these gimbals allow for unparalleled precision and stick feel.
From the aviation-grade aluminum construction, non-contact hall sensors, and pre-installed Sticky360 Mini Gimbal Sticks, be prepared to revolutionize your compact radio experience!

Key Features
Made with CNC processed aviation grade aluminum.
Sticky360 Mini Gimbal Sticks as standard.
Non contact hall sensors for accurate control inputs and precise centering.
Quad precision bearings for unparalleled stick feel.
Adjustable vertical travel angle (Min. 38°, Max. 54°).
Custom designed for RadioMaster Zorro & TX12.

Name: AG01 Mini CNC Hall Gimbal
Sensor type: Hall Sensor
Working voltage: DC 3.3V
Linearity: Real-time (No delay)
Adjustable vertical travel range: 38°—54°
Self-centering adjustment : Yes
Easy mode adjustment
Adjustable tension : Yes
Quad bearing: Yes
Temperature range: -20°C-85°C
Size: 49*42*48mm
Weight: 42g(±0.3g)