Sakegaki BB Shiva bearing oil

Sakegaki Project-Factory

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This product is a bearing oil developed to increase the fluidity of Super Lube, which has a good reputation at our company, so that it can easily flow into the bearing.
Based on domestically produced ultra-luxury BB oil with high pressure resistance and lubrication, it is a blend of special oil for high rotation + special additive + Super Lube + Ryujin base.

In the case of dry bearings, apply a few drops to the bearings and then spin them.
If the shearing noise does not go away, there is a possibility that the ball is not properly inserted inside the bearing, so we recommend that you either remove the C-ring for fixing the bearing ball and lubricate it, or apply a generous amount of Shiva to ensure the penetration time. increase.

1/8 or 1/10 greased bearings that are used without removing grease (Because the bearings are used in closed areas where maintenance cannot be performed for a long period of time, bearing grease must be removed to maintain high durability. For the bearings that are used without removing the grease, the Shiva should be turned on without removing the grease, and then run idle for several cycles so that the Shiva spreads over the internal grease to some extent and gets used to it.

It contributes to improving the initial rotation start speed of bearings that normally move slowly with grease.