ToolkitRC M4 pocket mini charger


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ToolkitRC new mini charger M4, delivering a compact and convenience charging experience to RC racer.

Not only the XT60 input, plus a USB Type C (20V5A) input, to ensure the charging power. With USB Type C input, you can use you existing mobile power supply or power bank, whatever indoor or outdoor.

Tiny while function are solid, supporting LiPO, LiHV and LiFe batteries, charge up to 4.35V per cell, also can balance your batteries at 3.85V per cell when you need to do your batteries storage.

Supporting XT60 and XT30 output, suitable for RC Car, FPVDrone and 1/24 mini car, no more adapter needed.

Input Voltage:        USB-C 7.0-20.0V
USB-C protocol:     QC,PD,AFC,FCP Protocol
Type of battery:      LiPo LiHv LiFe LipoStorage 1-4S
Charge power:        1.0-5.0A@MAX 80W
Balance current:      400mA @4.20V
Balance accuracy:   <0.005V @ 4.2V
USB-C output:        1.0A @5.0V

Product size:           80*40*30 mm
Product weight:      75g
Pack size:                82*42*32 mm
Pack weight:            85g
LCD:                        IPS 1.54inch LCD 240*240 Pixel

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