TRF419 Mid-motor conversion kit V2.1

H2 Racing Development

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Our Mid-motor design, compare with the Mid-pulley design, gives the chassis more stable and better handling feel, which makes it can be more easy to handle at different traction condition, faster corner and more confidence to drive.

Not only the chassis and deck have a new and more slim design, this 419MM V2.1 kit have change the lower bulkhead position. The new position leading the front and rear belt have the same size and distance as our 420MM, which mean they are using the same belt set, and similar position as 420MM. Suspension arm mount also have some tiny change, which make it almost the same as 420MM. Yes, we want to make it as close as our 420MM performance. Come with the front and rear damper stay for SSBB damper. New design also inline with the new chassis stiffener, give you a more setting on the deck (Buy separately).

Batteries located at more center point which makes it have a 50:50 weight distribution at most of the cases, meaning it will make it stable and fast at each cornering (Depends on different electronic and batteries weight, batteries holder not included).
And maybe you haven't notice, this new chassis is using the new bumper set right now (51644), so say byebye to the old bumper.

New V2.1 version come with 2.25mm chassis board, which more light in weight compare with the V2. Also providing a better traction feeling at mid to high traction asphalt surface. 

Again, it is designed to fit TRF419/419X/419XR, while 419MM V2.1 parts not compatible to the last 419MM, you have to change both chassis and deck. TRF419 still need to buy the special bearing set for conversion (X and XR no need to).

Kit include:

- Using of Japan Toray "TORAYCA" T300 pure carbon fiber material
- 2.25mm thick chassis
- 2.0mm thick deck
- 3.0mm front and rear damper stay
- MBL belt (Front and rear), same as TRF420MM kit.
- CF bumper plate for new bumper (51644)

Rear stiffener and CF battery holder are not included in this kit.
Photo show only for reference.

Replacement belt set same as TRF420MM kit

For TRF419 user:
A special bearing set is needed for TRF419 upgrade use (Not included in kit set)

To all customer:
As we have modify the chassis suspension mount in this kit, the front suspension mount pin have to change from using TRF419 46mm to TRF420 44/43mm. The rear suspension mount pin have no change.

TRF419/X/XR is NOT INCLUDED in this kit.

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